Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ideas Ideas Ideas!

As most investors will probably tell you, one of the best ways to generate ideas is to troll other people's portfolios / newsletters. Here's one from T2 I just trolled:

It's a good read, though a bit simplistic at times given the number of ideas being presented (for example, i own Sandisk and am perplexed at the curt thoughts presented on valuation). Anyways, the polio marked year that was 2011 is over and T2 seems to be off to a strong start for 2012. 

Of particular interest to me is their position on Dell (which largely mirrors my own conclusion below, though now I'm more inclined to think about what potholes i might've missed. I'm a bit less optimistic and don't think Dell should be trading at 10x core. It's just a regular cone from DQ, not a blizzard for peet's sake), Iridium (their conviction in this stock is worthy of exploration, though I wish the presentation would address Iridum's shortfall in FCF to fund the NEXT generation of satellites. It's not like their satellites will poop the extra cash. I'm just not sure whether this capex will lead to increased income for the company, or will simply be passed on to consumers (ie, is there a need for this new generation of satellites that will draw customers away from competitors? Will premium pricing be warranted, or will old technology be 'good nuff'?) Also, future debt/equity needs might be an axe to the face), and GS (like all financials, so many things seem so cheap but speculative. I think GS historically traded at 2-2.5x P/B)

Anyways, maybe maybe maybe

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